San Diego

11 12 2008

We recently took a little trip to Barona casino near San Diego…



(from left to right: Kia, Kyle, Taylor, Tash)


have you everr had..

3 12 2008

NAGARYA brand peanuts??mmannnnnn if you haven’t..pshhhhhhhhh you are missing outt.haha no but seriouslyyy.hit them up.they are the bombiest nuts in the world!!nagarya

WHAt are you THANKful for?

27 11 2008

Today is Thanksgiving day…Whats Thanksgiving day? Thanksgiving day is the day that comes around once a year for you to share what you are thankful for with others…we the CREA kids on the block hope you all have a happy and fun thanksgiving!

(eat as much as you can because this day only comes once a year)


Bye Bye fires

21 11 2008

Lucky for us the fires are done!! whoooo!!! now we can all live in peace without worrying about those burning flames that have been destroying shelter!! lets try to keep the Earth clean and healthy now fokes!


and dont forget to recycle those cans, bottles, paper, ect.


partayy much??

17 11 2008

in case ya’ll didn’t know already, us crea kids are known to partyy all night long. today was a special dayy for one of our cousins because it was his birthday partayy. he shares a birthday with a CREA member. the birthdate is November 17. the CREA member is Ating Kristine and the birthday partyy celebrant is Marcus Tayag, yet another TAYAG cousin. Ating Kristine is turningg [age here] and Marcus is turningg 5. all of us TAYAGs are partayyingg over in Aliso Viejo to celebrate both Ating Kristine‘s and Marcus‘s birthday. we all plan to get crunk [not really] and partayy ALL night long!! hope¬†both of your birthday wishes come true, Ating Kristine and Marcus!!

with love,


hhhhhappyyyyyy bbiirrtthhdaayy.

15 11 2008

hhhhhaaapppyyyy hhhhhaaappppyyyy 9th biirthdayyyyy to taylor!our youngest c-kob was her birthday last night.hopee that she had a veryy veryy great birthday.and for all her wishes to come true.


Fires Fires Fires

15 11 2008


Crazzy fires out there!!! We… the CREA kids on the Block would like to give our hopes to all those houses in Brea, Yorba Linda, Corona, and Sylmar that are burning and hopefully will stop soon!! Help them now by using less energy around the house.¬† Peace and Love!

– Ky-kob