Back To School.

2 09 2009

Summer ’09 is comin to an end, and its time for another school year.  We got tash comin in as a freshie at LAHS, maui && kyle as the big kids on campus, 8th graders at mcauliffe middle school, kia as a 7th grader, and me as a sophmore at LAHS with tash, whos excited?!?!

-Kelly ❤


RIP Michael Jackson

26 06 2009

May the King of Pop live forever in all of our hearts.

Michael Jackson

love always,


just kickin it…

20 02 2009

Hey guys, its kyle I had nothin to do so i thought i might hit up the blog…its just a typical thursday, schools a drag…gonna go and watch ABDC aka America’s Best Dance CREW, us kids are goin for QUEST and BeatFreaks!!! so yeah…well thats all i got for now… so yeah we’ll see who blogs next…



tuesday, january 20th, 2009

20 01 2009

hii everybodyy. its ki-kob. just sendingg out the blessings to BARACK OBAMA. happy inaugurationn, president OBAMA!!


with love,


happppy happppy 09!!

1 01 2009

heyy errvrybodyy!! happy happpy new year!! i hope all of you awesominators out there had a VERY VERY happy new year. i hope this year will be better than ever because… it’s the year of the ox! [that’s my year!] we would all like to say happy happy birthday to KOYA JR!! he’s the first birthday of the year (in our family)!! blessings go out to errvrybodyy!! love you all!
with love,

ki-kob •

happpy jolly-days

25 12 2008

heyy everyone!! CKOB just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!! we hope you have the bestest jolly-days ever!! but you have to remember that these holidays are the time to love and care for each other. nobody should ever feel left out or not loved. this is the time to share your loving care to everybody. hope the jolly-days are as happy as can be!! “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!” (insider).

with love,



22 12 2008

hii everyone!!. it’s ki-kob. yesterday, we went to the GROVE in LA. while chillaxing and relaxing, some of us TAYAGs saw a very familiar face at the GROVE. she is a rising DISNEY star that is becoming BIG and she goes be the name of… SELENA GOMEZ!! she was seen walking around and chiling with two other people. selena is on the Disneychannel show WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE. if you’ve never heard or seen her before, here is a picturee.


with love,