Flood in the Philippines

27 09 2009

The typhoon victims in the Philippines in DIRE need of food/clothing. Pls call American Red Cross to help! (800)435-7669… Thank you Gabe Bondoc for thinking of all our family and friends in the Philippines. Let’s take a moment to pray for all those in the flood, that they may all be safe and healthy.



11 09 2009

On this tragic day, 8 years ago a horrible mishap hit the Twin Towers in New York. Two airplanes were hijacked and many men, women, and children were killed and injured on this sorrowful day. Also many firefighters and police officers were not only hurt but killed trying to get as many people out of the buildings. I wanted to take a minute from you all to pray for all those people who risked there lives on this very day. RIP-9/11/01

Labor day weekend!

7 09 2009

I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend!! I sure know CKOB and the fam are! We decided to have this wonderful holiday at bolsa chica beach in hunington! Bonfires are just so great don’t you think? Well peacee out for now! Have a wonderful weekend, make it last cuz I know all of us don’t want to go back to work and school!

Bahay Kawayan

6 09 2009

We CKOB have been helping out with the family restaurant, known as Bahay Kawayan. It’s been in the making for a while, but now it’s actually getting some where. We are hoping to see this place open by the end of September 09′. We’re hoping and praying, and that’s all we can do. We hope to see everyone opening day! Bye for now:)

Back To School.

2 09 2009

Summer ’09 is comin to an end, and its time for another school year.  We got tash comin in as a freshie at LAHS, maui && kyle as the big kids on campus, 8th graders at mcauliffe middle school, kia as a 7th grader, and me as a sophmore at LAHS with tash, whos excited?!?!

-Kelly ❤