ehyy, ehyy (:

6 04 2009

mmheeelo everyone (:! its beeen a while since i laast postedd, so i figured to post and update! woohoo!! CKOB is vacationing this week with the family andd we are FORSHURELY heeading out to see whaat new adventures lay aheead of us. [(: so guru.] this time, encountering them with our WHOLE family… well, most of them. some birthdays in April include one of our verry own… KYLE!! he turned the maagic number and “became a man” (:! we all paartied at his house on April 4, Saturday. buut his real birthday was on April 2. for a CREA/CKOB treat, we all went to Mr. Lee’s Korean BBQ and celebrated. there, we met Cathy Nguyen and Randolph Permejo, two youtube singers that CKOB is a HUGE fan of. they were nice enough to take pictures with us and admit they “smelled horrible.” (: another birrthday is INANG‘s. and for all of you that dont know what that means, it means “mom” or “grandma,” in the Philippines. in our case, it means grandma. well, i hope i updated enough to keep you on track for this spring. (:

mr-lees^^thaats them^^

with love,





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