22 11 2008

well yesterday, the CREA team had an event called “rev.Art.lution”. that event was invented by PASA and was at CSUF [california state university of fullerton]. Rev.ART.lution is about showingg the “work of aspiringg artists from all over Orange County.” the event included Open Mic and a nice, relaxingg coffee-house-like atmosphere. AWTHENIK VIBES‘s DJ SKITZ was, as you might guess, the jazzyyy feelingg DJ. CREA, luckily, was the only booth there sellingg clothes. CREA donated $1 from every purchase to GAWAD KALINGA, a charity that provides new housingg for those in need in the Philippines. one of the CREA team members’ artwork was there. the CREA team member was… ATING SAM!! she is a wonderful artist and was there to sayy a little somethingg about CREA and what they, and we, do. if you ever go to any of the events that included CREA, we most likelyy be there in support of both CREA and CKOB.

with love,





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